The 4 Commandments of Measuring Content Marketing KPI’s

Anyone that’s anyone knows that Content Marketing is the greatest thing since the launch of the Cool Ranch Los Doritos Tacos Meal Deal.   HOWEVER, not everyone who’s anyone knows exactly how to measure the effectiveness of their Content Marketing strategy, and that’s a real shame.

Here’s the problem – if you don’t know how and what to measure, then youdon’t know what’s working and what isn’t.  If you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t, then you’re not focusing on what’s working and fixing what’s not.  AND, if you’re not focusing on what’s working and fixing what’s not, then you’re not making all the money you could be, which means far less Cool Ranch Los Doritos Tacos.

Don’t be forced into eating less than your share of quality, authentic Mexican cuisine.  Follow these Commandments, measure these KPI’s and live life the way it was meant to be lived – covered in Dorito dust and drowning in cash.

1.  Thou Shalt Measureth Production

Now, I’m not saying that more is always better like it is with Jager, but you’re going to need to adhere to a content calendar to ensure that you’re producing relevant, quality content regularly.   Being consistent with content publication is going to significantly increase the odds of your brand being discovered.  Plus, it’s really hard to Content Market without content, so make sure that you’re making it and make sure that you’re measuring what’s being made.  You’ll thank me later.

2.  Thou Shalt Measureth Engagement

Once you’ve produced-eth plenty of good, quality content, you should be keeping track of comments, shares, Likes and the time your readers are spending on the page. Tools like Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics will provide detailed analysis of how well you’re engaging your audience, so use them and learn from them.  Content doesn’t sell if it doesn’t get read.

3.  Thou Shalt Measureth Traffic

If you’re producing enough content (and you should be because I told you to) and it’s engaging your audience (and it should be because I told you to) then you should be seeing a positive return when it comes to traditional metrics like unique visits and page views.  Part of the beauty of traffic is how easily measured it is, and how precise you can get in terms of where traffic is originating from (organic, direct, referral). Like anything else we’re playing a numbers game, so traffic is very, very important, and if your content is doing its job then you’ll start seeing plenty more of it.

4.  Thou Shalt Measureth Conversions

Production is great, Engagement is fantastic and Traffic is amazing, but you can’t pay bills with any of them.  When your mortgage company comes knocking in August looking for April’s bill, it’s Conversions that’ll keep the Eviction Notice in the glove compartment.   The best and easiest way to measure how effective your Content Marketing strategy is its ability to produce conversions.  Did your Content efforts produce leads?  Did those leads turn into sales?  If so, carry on.  If not, well, you and I…we should talk.


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