Analytics and Reporting

Making Sense of Your Data with Funnel Visualization

Reporting on what matters

Have you ever sat in a meeting with charts and spreadsheets and diagrams and rows and rows of data, while your eyes glazed over and you headed into a data coma? Well we have, too, and that’s why 190west provides you with analytics that make sense.

Analytics are more than just data in reports; it’s a process that provides you with meaningful, actionable data that will help you make better business decisions.

Our Analytics process starts with preparation. Most of our new clients will tell us that they have a lot of data but they have no idea what to do with it. We’ll work with you to determine goals and data points that make sense for your business and organize your data so it allows you to measure and improve upon those things that are important to your bottom line.

Data without meaning is meaningless, so we analyze the data holistically and take a people-based vs data-based approach. We don’t look at any one data point; we conduct funnel analytics, review trends, anomalies and look for opportunities. This approach enables us to create clear, actionable items that help you make better business decisions.

Whether we’re providing analytics on your Paid campaigns, web or social analytics, we make sense of your data.

Conversion Reporting Services

  • Implementation Audit & Optimization
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Conversions & KPI Tracking
  • Data Correlation for Better Insight
  • Marketing Campaign Performance Analysis
  • Usability Reporting