Lead Generation Campaigns

You’ve made eye-contact, now let’s dance.

Once we’ve got your buyer’s attention the real fun begins. Unlike mating rituals of barbaric beasts, we’re not locked in a stare waiting for them to make the first move…we take the lead (no pun intended – just happened that way.)

190west’s lead generation campaigns are calculated down to the itty-bitty minutia. Multiple tactics are aligned and working collaboratively to deliver marketing qualified prospects that are pipeline ready.

Any agency can hand over a spreadsheet of useless data. But that’s not why clients choose us. We’re different. Our strategies whittle down the leads to provide real opportunities to your sales team.

We’re not here to make your quotas. We’re here to make you money.

Campaign Elements

  • Nurturing Programs
  • Engagement Scoring
  • Profile Scoring
  • Remarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Development