Customer Lifetime Value Services

Imagine the value of not just a single transaction, but an entire LIFETIME worth of business from each one of your clients. Doesn’t that sound lovely (and wicked profitable)? Of course it does.

How does one acquire this “lifetime worth of business” you ask? By conducting business in way that puts an emphasis on relationships and retention over the individual sale, that’s how.

Earning your customer’s business is hard, and keeping their business can be even harder especially if you’re in the e-commerce or service industry. By understanding you’re clientele’s buy-cycles and personas you can get a jump on making sure that you’re the first business they think of when they need the goods and services you provide.

190west can help you put together a CLV plan that’ll ensure an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship between you and your customers and keep them (and their money) coming back for more.

Customer Lifetime Value Services

  • Client Nurturing Programs
  • Engagement Scoring
  • Profile Scoring
  • Lifecycle Marketing Analysis

Want a lifetime worth of business from your clientele?

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