Marketing to HR Buyers

There’s Marketing. And Then There’s Marketing to HR.

HR businesses are being told to “think like marketers.” If you can’t reach, relate, or relay value to buyers, there’s really no reason to be in the space to begin with.

HCM has evolved quickly, leaving many struggling to keep up. Your market is sophisticated, tech-savvy, and more importantly, saturated. You must distinguish yourself by impressing exhausted customers quickly. It’s not enough to think like a marketer, you need to be one – and one that knows this buyer.

You’re Talking to Different People

Companies (and agencies) get so wrapped up in making a sale they end up treating the HR Buyer like a dollar sign rather than an individual. Building relationships, and subsequently profitable partnerships, means investing the time to understand who the individual stakeholders are, where they are, and how they impact the decision making process. Familiarize yourself with the nuances of their business – only then can you begin to prove your value.

You’re Solving Multiple Problems

Your product or service is one thing, and one thing only – their solution. The single most important message HR buyers are interested in is how you’re going to make their lives easier. And, if you’ve taken the time to get to know each stakeholder, multiple value-props from a single solution may be required. If you can’t convey this, you’re wasting your time. If the individual doesn’t see the value, how will an entire industry?

You’re an HR Advocate

If you fully understand the plight of the HR buyer, and have effectively communicated your solution as the answer to their prayers, you can then take an evangelist approach to expanding your partnerships. Champion on behalf of the industry. Tout thought-leadership. Position your company as THE innovative resource. Establish your brand as prominent support for leaders in the evolving HR space.