What EVERY executive should know about Internet Marketing

There comes a time in every executive’s business life when you have to decide what your skills are and what you need to improve upon.  It doesn’t seem like everyone can do everything all of the time.  If so, we’d have a lot more one man corporations, don’t you think?

It’s like the ad for a career building site,  “Just Because You CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

When it come to Internet Marketing there are so many variables and creative, skillful nuances, it’s almost impossible for one person to do it all.  And, even if you have an in house team, sometimes familiarity breeds ennui and the change-meisters aren’t very happy about change anymore.  So the website marketing sort of stays on hold for awhile.

Sound familiar?

Well, maybe you could use a little diversity.  You know, someone or some other third-party outsourcing firm that can handle the details for you and your staff.  Because, as you probably know, once you finally find someone really good at what they do, you’ll want to hold on to them.  A good promotion team, especially for the ever changing Internet Marketing game, can be worth its weight in gold, literally.

Actually, that’s the beauty of Internet Marketing.  It’s so easy to track and so easily changeable; you can make solid creative decisions that instantly put you in the driver’s seat, skyrocketing you past your competitors, before they know what game they’re even playing in.

So when you’re choosing a vendor for your Internet Marketing outsourcing, consider 190west.  We can handle your search engine optimization (SEO), link building, press releases, article submissions, ad buying, pay-per-click advertising, even your copy and graphics.

Beware of the Vendor Promising You the Moon

Here are the elements you need to look out for when you consider outsourcing your SEO and SEM to an outside firm

Design Elements:  Does the vendor understand that the true purpose of your website is not to present pretty pictures but to SELL?

SEO Copywriting Competence:  Does the vendor have a track record in writing SEO copy that search engines love and readers identify with positively?

Research:  Does the vendor understand the competitive intelligence field and how it applies to internet marketing?  (This is where 190west stands head and shoulders above the rest of Boston’s Full Service Marketing Companies)

Marketing and Promotion:

  • Does your vendor have a positive track record in Search Engine Optimization?
  • Do they know how linking works?
  • Are they familiar with Press Releases and how they can benefit you both offline and online in garnering free publicity?
  • Do they understand the power of article marketing and how to distribute articles through directories that link back to your website?
  • Can they tap into an advertising network to distribute web banner advertising across the internet?
  • Are they familiar with pay-per-click advertising and how to save you money while generating more traffic and qualified leads?

Price:  Yes, all of this outsourcing comes at a cost.  But as we said at the beginning of this article, you cannot do everything yourself.  So consider what your valuable time is worth and what you enjoy doing most.  Then outsource the rest.  Spend your time on what you’re an expert in and let the Internet Marketing experts at 190west handle the creative and technical subtleties of this new and ever changing direct response advertising medium.

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