It’s hard to believe that only a year has passed. These 12 months have yielded so much change and catapulted our digital marketing agency into a new chapter. One that holds the promise of increasing partnerships, pioneering strategies, and fresh creative ideas that has us poised to surprise and excite clients in 2018.

Under the leadership of Tom Prendergast, we opened up the agency up to new industries, broadened our areas of expertise, and became an extension of teams for clients throughout the U.S. Among our achievements this year, adapting new Ai technology, which has increased access to marketing intelligence to help predict the buyer’s journey and enhance behavior-driven marketing.

From an individual standpoint, each one of us has honed new skillsets and continues to grow in our areas of expertise. We attended client trade shows to learn more about your specific buyers, marketing conferences to gain insight into our own craft, and participated on panels sharing our vision of progressive marketing for the connected age.

With an unwavering commitment to client success, the 190west team has proved we aren’t afraid to experiment with new techniques, adapt unconventional methodologies, and push the boundaries of digital marketing with our clients’ best interest at the center of everything we do. This is the only way to progress as professionals, develop as a cohesive digital marketing agency, and to keep pace with the evolving trends that drive online strategies.

This momentum will continue in the coming year. Our transformation, the forays into new B2B industries, and our partner endeavors will define 190west’s holistic marketing solutions. It’s time to take online campaigns, design and development, and creative content to a new level. It’s time to see what we’ve been up to this last year, and show just what we have in store for 2018.