Are your Webinar Leads developing into sales?

Webinars are widely used as a marketing vehicle to generate leads. One of the reasons they are so powerful is because a webinar appeals to all of your senses.

  • You “visualize” by looking on the screen, watching the moving slides.
  • You “listen” to the moderator and guest; speak about a topic of interest to you.
  • And you feel the paper in your hand when they ask you to download the “special report” or notes that accompany the webinar.

Webinars are great for generating leads. They easily explain your offerings, establish thought leadership and grow your prospect list.

Presumably the marketing staff or agency partner is proficient in generating effective landing pages, email copy and webinar previews.  The problem is in the conversion process.  Something goes very wrong in converting webinar attendees to sales.

Not a Great Webiner

Attendees like presenters who grab their attention, sound dynamic, even funny at times, and don’t just read from their notes in a monotone voice. When presenters are not engaging the audience will leave the webinar or become distracted. Webinars with energetic and seemly non scripted presenters tend to get the most out of the audience… the next step. Also shorter webinars are becoming more popular.  Attendees are opting in more when they are shorter and have received optimistic reviews. This is obviously due to the work day becoming more hectic each day. So just how can you improve your webinar?


Some tips that will improve your webinar lead generation results are:

  • Hire people with great communication skills to deliver your material
  • Don’t begin your presentation with company sales material
  • Attract attention during the first few slides with important information, not everyone knows. Use strong visuals.
  • Poll your audience about the length of time they would prefer in future webinars.
  • When people register, make this question part of the registration process:  “What is the most important problem you want to solve by listening to this webinar?”
  • Get prospects and customers involved.
  • Smile when you are presenting. People can hear a smile.
  • Practice, Practice, and Practice. If you have multiple speakers, get them involved in the dry runs.
  • Have fun and be confident!


If you take care of all of these items before actually running the event, you will find that it will go smoothly and your guests will have an enjoyable experience. As with many tactics, webinars may not be the answer. Best of luck and make your webinar better than the last!

If you are finding it difficult to manage a webinar pre or post give us a ring 866-538-8196 or send us a note, we can help!