How to Become a Trusted Expert In Your Industry

With the advent of the World Wide Web, millions of people are searching for business information daily.  In the business to business world (B to B) the internet serves as the ultimate resource to show your wares and display your expertise. Where else can you combine copy, graphics, video and audio in one package and offer it to people at no cost, just to find out more about you?

However, as we mentioned in our article “Are you capturing leads” on the site, “if you’re not using your website to capture leads, you’re wasting your time and money.”  Qualifying and capturing leads should be the main focus of your site.  Your website also serves an auxiliary purpose and that is to build trust and credibility in you, the executive and your company.

That’s where the specialty, search engine optimization copywriting, helps. B2B SEO copywriting not only attracts people to your site, but once they arrive, the copy entices them to remain on your site, keep reading and take some action.  It is often the vital missing link in making a difference between visitors and results.  SEO copywriting affects your usability, relevance ranking and how the search engines choose your site when people are looking for your services.

Dynamically changing website copy is what makes prospects and clients return to your website.  Therefore your web copy must continue to be fresh, updated, relevant and usable.  Web copy turns your website into a flowing, non-static lead generation medium and even more so, a builder of trust and credibility.

The 7 Highly Effective Ways to Develop Fresh Web Copy That Builds Trust & Credibility

 1.  Blogs are web logs that people write on a regular basis.  They are a perfect opportunity for forward thinking executives to give their opinion on industry trends, product reviews, news, tips and information.  Blogs are as fresh as what is happing on a daily basis, or whenever you take the time to “blog.”  Search engines love blogs, especially when they link back to your website.

2. Articles help build your personal reputation and the trust your company needs to compete head on with your competitors. B2B SEO articles incorporate keywords that attract the search engines and keep the interest of their readers.

3. White papers invite serious prospects to find out additional information about your company.  If they are printed on your site, you have the advantage of using keywords to make your site more relevant, as with SEO rich keywords in your articles.  As industry trends and opportunities change, white papers serve as quick, yet detailed outlines of problem solving vehicles and strategies your company employs to help clients.

4. Webinars are interactive web driven tele-conference calls where you present a topic or an interview to educate, inform and sell prospects on your products and services.  The internet’s ability to merge these technologies quickly has made this medium highly effective in capturing qualified prospects easily and naturally. The sound of your voice and the quality of your presentation materials will build trust and interest in you and your company, when presented properly.

 5. Case Studies help your prospects and customers understand the results you generate for customers and clients.  The case study model involves testimonials from satisfied customers in a readable, interesting, story like format which should grab attention and keep it flowing throughout, toward the action you want your reader to take.

 6. Video springs your web page to life where a picture is truly worth a thousand words, and even more so, a thousand minutes to keep people glued to your message.  Using powerful words and images, website video will build your credibility and the trust you need to compete head on with tough competitors.

 7. Recycle old information into new information. As products and services change; as the economy and business environment change, so will the need to recycle old information into new, fresh material.  By doing so, your website copy continues to contain fresh web copy which is relevant, usable and trustworthy.

These 7 ways to develop fresh web content are just a few of the strategies we employ at 190west to help build your credibility, reputation and the trust you deserve and need to stay competitive.  If you’re not getting the results you expected from your website, 190west can help by analyzing your website to suggest improvements, however slight that can make a huge difference in your results.  Take advantage of our complimentary analysis today!