Stranger Things Happen When They’re Not Nurtured…

Binging on Netflix lately? While the world gets caught up on Stranger Things 2, maybe you’re noticing some similarities and wondering if those marketing qualified leads you heard all about have gotten lost in some kind of mystical abyss?

Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you know that some of the leads you’ve acquired have become stagnant. Lost in a database of meaningless tags, categories, and segments, these potential sales are suspended in an alternate universe known as the CRM!

Today’s CRMs aren’t meant to become the Upside Down of the sales world (that’s Stranger Things speak for another dimension of evil and a void of despair.) Rather, they can be powerful tools used to further engage prospects, leads, and customers waiting to happen. With the right digital marketing in place to support the sales process, the qualified leads collected can become the revenue and partnerships they’re meant to be.

3 Nurturing Strategies to Convert Leads to Sales

  1. Retargeting

Use retargeting to bring leads back into the funnel – Leads disappear from the funnel into the great unknown all the time. One of the biggest reasons for this is just distraction. Your brand needs to be in front of your leads 24/7, or you risk losing them to online diversions. Retargeting will keep them top of mind and can send them further down your sales cycle. A simple retargeting ad can remind them of your company’s offer and drive them back to your site. And, while retargeting is not a new concept, its intelligence and capabilities has grown with automation software and CRM integration.

  1. Automation

Use multi-channel and multi-device marketing – Not only can your qualified leads be lost due to emails landing in spam folders, but the digital revolution has given way to more choices than ever in terms of how marketing and information is, or is not, received.

There are countless reasons why your leads may not be responding to your initial efforts, despite their interest in your services. Therefore, using marketing strategies that encompass multiple devices and marketing mediums will ensure that your lead follow up strategy is getting through. Marketing automation platforms deliver your marketing through multi-streams and multi-channels with a simple preset and a click of a button.

  1. Nurturing

Reconnect & Connect Some More – When a lead is MIA, don’t assume the worst. Rekindle their interest by placing them into a nurture stream, and gently pull them out of the void.

A combination of articles, webinars, videos, and other educational content should be used to restore their interest and revive dead leads. And don’t be afraid to get personal! Personalization in your nurture streams demonstrates that you care about what they need, and can give your audience a more tailored experience that results in expedited trust. By using a personalized approach and drip-campaign with relevant content to your “lost” leads, over time you can begin to resolve their objections, overcome any initial hurdles, and educate them on the benefits of your products or services.

Stranger things have happened when companies fail to integrate digital marketing to support revenue objectives. The sales cycle slows, the hopeful leads are squandered, and the CRM gets stale. Using these simple nurturing strategies can help to offload touchpoints, and help sales teams focus on closing deals, and better qualifying leads that expedite these sales. Taking a more holistic marketing approach with digital marketing is proven to increase ROI.

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