Marketing to IT Buyers

Marketing to IT Buyers

Long sales cycles. A complex web of influencers and decision makers. The grueling competition for awareness in a crowded market. High tech sales involves many variables, and every nuanced space is unique. How do we know? We’ve made sure our marketing experts have experience in tech sales and marketing.

Selling enterprise software requires an informed, coordinated team. 190west buying behaviors has allowed us to develop our own secret sauce. And, if there’s one thing that our IT marketing team is adept at, it’s engaging the C-Level suite spot and winning the influencers. When you command the attention of the industry, it’s that much easier to make a sale.

Define the Process

Depending on the sales cycle and how a buying decision is determined, in the technology space you could end up “selling” to every level of an organization. From the C-suite to the end-user (and every manager in between), investing in each stakeholder in the purchase and adoption process is necessary to appreciate how they impact your sale. Understand the contribution and role that each one plays. Getting in the buyer’s head is the only way to keep your message top of mind.

Refine Your Communication

You’ve been publishing documentation for years, there are piles of technical write ups, a melange of data sheets, and informative instructional guides- or maybe a combination of those. The question is how well are they being leveraged? 190west’s team excels at breaking down complex concepts into digestible, understandable, and convincing language to help convey your message to a broad audience. Before a go-to-market strategy is developed, assessing your information assets and correlating them to the sales funnel is an important step. Crafting your pitch to frame the unique challenges and needs of each stakeholder helps win the hearts and minds at multiple levels of your target customer. Despite the mounds of text, video, and collateral, there will inevitably be what we call “content gaps” to address, so let’s get started!

Align All Strategies

If a great product has zero visibility, is it still a great product? Generating awareness and positioning innovative solutions to the IT sector requires a marketing engine that’s firing on more than just a few cylinders. Evaluations, pilot programs, product demos, and trial conversions are just a few of the integral pieces required to grow your pipeline. Communication and thought leadership are necessary to build confidence and convey deep understanding of your market. Before you can sell your solution, you need to prove your genius. 190west brings a holistic approach to delivering your message taking more than just one level of the funnel or one specific channel into consideration. By working with an agency that puts multiple experts at your fingertips means you can keep your messaging and tactics in sync, amplifying the impact your marketing efforts can make through out a complex buying cycle.