11 Things Every Website Scorecard Should Contain

For maximum insight into how effective your website really is, we recommend that our clients score their website on at least eleven key criteria. While some clients use more extensive tests, we recommend the following eleven questions, which represent three different categories: branding, functionality, and optimization. How well does your website score?


1. How well does the current site explain the company’s products or services?

2. How clear is it that the company’s products or services can help clients solve their specific problem?

3. How easy is it to find the company’s clients and/or understand what the company has done for them?

4. How well does the site differentiate itself and the company in general from the competition?


5. How easy was it to navigate and find what you were looking for (e.g., a company’s contact information)?

6. How long does it take to download any particular page?

7. How well does the site work using different Web browsers?


8. How well has the site been optimized to increase search engine rankings?

9. Are their programs or campaigns going on to actively drive traffic to the site?

10. Is traffic being analyzed? What source drives the most traffic? What pages are the most popular?

11. How easy is it to revise content on the site?


If your website isn’t stacking up reach out to 190west. A sound Inbound Marketing strategy starts with a well structure website. You may only be a few steps away!

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