The Mouthwatering Digital Offer

Must Have Offer for Your Customers

So if you read the last blog, you know that this is the second in a series focusing on conversion paths on a website. The focus for this blog is The Offer. The offer might be the most important piece as your Inbound Marketing is built around it. What I am going to cover is how to best select an offer and how to best promote the great offer you have chosen.

First of all you will need to, again, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes; what would interest them enough for them to feel comfortable giving you information to get their hands on the offer? Ideally this offer should educate, entice, and make them want more. Do not rush this initial step because once your prospect has downloaded the asset you want them to use it themselves in one way or another and also share it.

So now that you have your offer, what is the next step? Well, now it’s time to make this offer a “must have”. There are several ways to transform the awesome asset you have created –

  • Limited Time or Quantity – If you know your audience and your offer is something they will perceive as a great resource then put some urgency into it. If they feel like they have to act quickly or they might miss out they might be more likely to volunteer their contact information.
  • The Popular Effect – I would say most people want to be part of the latest thing, whatever that may be. Promoting the offer as something that ”x” number of people have taken advantage of along with the benefits they should expect will enhance their urge to download.
  • The Title – This may go without saying, but I feel it is important to bring up. The title needs to be captivating and really draw them to this offer. It also needs to be relevant and clear.
  • NO Company Jargon – Just because you know what certain acronyms or phrases mean doesn’t mean your audience does. There is a balance, however, because you want to display your expertise and obviously do not want to insult their intelligence. Be conscious of using too much and insert short explanations or analogies to help.
  • Understand Which Buy-Cycle This Offer Targets – If you want to attract and entice buyers at the “ready” stage, offers that include more research oriented material like “How to…” or “Tips and Tricks” will not work. Again, put yourself in their shoes and understand what they would want at the particular stages (Awareness, Evaluation, Purchase or Action)
HubSpot Buyer Stages
  • The Offer Format – What is the best way to deliver the content? Some ways include eBooks, Reports, Whitepapers, Live Webinars, Blog CTAs or sidebars, and Videos.

The Offer is really The Beginning and The End. To summarize, you need to create something that is appealing to your audience and that will make them act once they have it in their hands.

Next week I will be covering Calls-To-Action, which is a key component to bringing attention to the offer and enticing your prospects to click. If for some reason you cannot wait until next week and want to know now, click here and we will assess your current conversion path and suggest ways to improve.

Speaking of a great offer… Hurry and download the charts below, quantities are limited!!!!

Inbound Marketing CTA Charts