Calls-To-Action that work


At this point yoWebsite Calls-To-Action (CTA)u have a great offer that you feel prospects can’t wait to get their hands on. You now need to figure out how to get this offer in front of them and convince them to click. The topic that is about to be discussed will give you what you are in need of. A strong and compelling Call-To-Action is necessary in order to get your amazing offer into the hands of your target audience. Let’s get to work perfecting this element in the Lead Generation workflow.

Calls-To-Action, or CTA for short, need to be done correctly in order to be seen and ultimately strong enough to draw someone in to click on it. This is the vehicle that gets your offer to the prospect. Unfortunately, there are many CTAs that should be good enough but ultimately lack some fundamentals that we will cover. Also, in most cases, good CTAs go against the design because we want them to stand out so please don’t let your designer “hat” get in the way.


  • The CTA should be located where it can be seen – Don’t hide them in the header or footer. They work best within the flow of the copy or off to the side. Be sure that the placement is a spot where people will naturally look when perusing through your content (Web Pages, Blogs, Etc.).
  • Be clear with what you are offering – The offer you created is GREAT, don’t hide behind cryptic messages. State what it is to be received and a reason why it is wanted. Being clever with the messaging usually results in fewer downloads.
  • Contrast, Contrast, Contrast – If the CTA blends in, how can expect anyone to see it or know that is something they should click? You want to be sure your CTA stands out. If you are looking at the web page or blog that your CTA resides on your eyes should notice it right away. If you feel like your eyes need to work a bit to find the CTA, make it stand out more. This is where you need to take your designer hat off for a bit as the color or look changes will drive designers crazy.
  • What is a CTA without being linked to a Landing Page? – The CTA needs to be clickable. When clicked it should take you to the landing page for the offer. Keep in mind that #2 in this list should match the content on your landing page.
  • A great alternative location for your CTAs – Most will put a CTA on a web page, blog, landing page, and the like. Another great opportunity to call out offers is on the Thank You page once someone submits a form. The reason this is a great location is because the person has already agreed to give you information for your offer so you have an opportunity to lead them further into the funnel almost immediately. Really there is opportunity on every prospect/customer facing page.


Take a look at your Calls-To-Action and take note if any of the above are missing. It’s not that your CTAs are not good, but more importantly, there is untapped potential. Seize every opportunity!

We have vast experience with CTAs and from data and tests understand what works and what does not. If you are not seeing the clicks you were expecting, click below and let’s run through your lead generation workflow together.