Why are your conversions low?

Well, you may have holes in your conversion path!

9 times out of 10, companies contact us to discover ways to increase conversions / leads. I doubt a company exists not wanting MORE LEADS. If you read our last post you know that generating leads is not easy. There is a science to attracting, engaging, and converting those visitors to your site. If you’re seeing the traffic numbers you “need” but are lacking the lead flow I highly suggest taking a step back and really analyzing your conversion path.

I’m going to run through the basics of a conversion path and in upcoming blogs dive into each key area. So here we go with #1…

Conversion Funnel Analysis

To generate leads you need something for the visitor to do! As I mentioned there is a science or methodology to it. There are essentially 4 critical elements; The Offer, A Call-To-Action, A Landing Page, and lastly The Form. Below gives an overview of what each area consists of.

Website Conversion Process

As mentioned we will be exploring each of these in future blogs but in the meantime take the time to run through your current path by putting yourself in your prospects shoes. The question to answer is, “why would I, as a visitor, be interested in the offer and if so is the Call-To-Action strong enough to make me click?”

While what develops a lead may vary from industry to industry, the flow is basically the same. Fine tuning these areas will help any company within any industry. The most important is to know your audience and personalize the experience so they feel compelled to “walk” the path.

We are excited to explore these areas with you but if for some reason you just can’t wait, feel free to reach out. We love discussing ways to improve lead flow!