How the Latest Cyber Security Attacks are Impacting HR Marketing

This week’s unprecedented ransomware attack managed to infiltrate 150 countries and infect 300,000+ machines. Adding to an already heightened threat of corporate hijackings via network servers, companies once again, are attempting to up the ante on their security protocols.

Not surprising, in HR digital marketing, content around the level of security incorporated into HCM solutions is resonating with more buyers.

Once thought to be an “IT issue,” the subject of cyber security never had a primary focus in marketing campaigns to the HR Buyer. Now however, the protection of corporate assets in cloud-based and SaaS HCM products are a major concern for all users, and a company-wide discussion that needs to be addressed for peace of mind.

At 190west, we’re vocal about the need to be forthcoming around the level of security HR clients provide to their customers as early in digital marketing as top of funnel campaigns. When we target the HR buyer with primary differentiators to build brand awareness, we are also cognizant that we are gaining their trust. There’s no easier way to do this than the reassurance that online assets and databases are protected with the best encryption and cyber security available.

As more businesses rely on online employee-life cycle management, and the idea that a single repository for all personnel data is the savior of the filing cabinet, the risk of online breaches impacting an entire corporation increases tenfold. Security protocols need to be at the forefront of HR marketing messages because the HR buyer wants to hear about it. And, we can prove it.

Recent webpage analytics reveals an uptick in visits to dedicated security pages on HR product sites. Plus, our buyers journey assessment of recent closed sales, tells us that the number of page views and downloaded content around asset protection has also increased. It’s become critical content in the vetting of HCM solutions during the sales cycle.

With the world watching network security, and top minds submitting to the idea of “not if, but when,” the next cyber-attack is inevitable. It’s impossible not to perceive this subject a hot-button topic across every industry. The way we look at it, the HR buyer is another potential victim. To build a relationship and trust on behalf of our clients, our marketing needs to illustrate a reassurance that HCM solution providers have their best interests at heart. This includes the protection of concealed assets and personal employee information. Turn a blind eye to this, and you’ve missed the mark.

Make sure you’re marketing efforts are truly making your potential buyers feel comfortable. Let’s have a conversation and let’s be sure you are addressing buyer concerns.

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